At the time of Delphi 2 and 3 there were no useable free components for Delphi, there were only some OCX delivered, but which never worked flawless. By chance I discovered a great
book about how to program TCP/IP with Delphi, and within a few weeks I had the first components working. I did include most of the well-known services - Finger (client and demon), HTTP (including post and proxy support and basic authentication), FTP, time, RExec, RSh, lpr, POP3, SMTP and Mail (including MIME for file attachments), and NNTP and News. As with the version 0.2 these components were already quite stable, I did start with re-develope them using non-blocking Winsock calls. However this turned out to be a can of worms, it's much more complex then the simple blocking approach, so even though I managed to get them running again they haven't reached the stability I aimed for to be worth a new release. Lack of time, and the now available Indy open source components made the need for a new version less urgent. But of course the last release is still available, together with a patch which fixed some bugs, and also made it work for the newer Delphi version. The patch also includes the source code of the winsock unit, which is modified to allow both static linked as well as dynamically linked usage. However you should not use this unit only in Delphi 1 or 2, otherwise you'll get package incompatibility problems.

TCP/IP component V0.2 (Zipped archive, 80kB)
Patches (0.22) (Zipped archive, 37kB)

Building Internet Applications with Delphi 2 by Davis Chapman et.al.
Que Publishing, ISBN 0789707322
Sadly this book is out of print, and the authors never wrote a new edition, so you have to be lucky to find a used version somewhere. Don't get confused by the Delphi 2 - everything can still be used with Delphi 6, only the chapters about the Netscape API are obsolete nowadays as IE now dominates the browsers. The book starts with a description on the fundamentals of TCP/IP, and then describes implementations for the most common protocols. The book is much more for the programmer who wants to know how these protocols work internally, not for the one who just wants to have a component for downloading files from the web.
Delphi/Kylix Internet Developer's Guide by Lino Tadros, Lance Bullock, Steve Teixeira
Republic of Texas Pr, ISBN 1556228015
This book is not yet published, however Steve Teixeira is well known as a author of the Delphi Developers Guide, a really good book well above the Delphi for Dummies level, so this book title sounds promising to be a valuable replacement for the previous one.


Bugs of V0.2

The following bugs are fixed with the Update, but if you wish to you can also use the patches below.

History of the TCP/IP components
1997-05-210.1b first published beta version, TTime, THTTP, TFTP, TSMTP, TNNTP, TPop3, TRExec, TMail, TNews, TMime, TFinger, TFingerD, Tlpr
1997-07-020.2b TSMTP had problems with a few SMTP server - fixed
smtpdemo didn't reset recipient list after send - fixed
TMail sets smtp.Sender only once - fixed
ftp upload hangs after completion of send - fixed
http which send #10#10 instead of #13#10 now supported
Made ftp data transfers optionally non-blocking
Made http post method runnable
Didn't compile with D3 (winsock.accept) - fixed
SMTP hang when no valid recipient is given - fixed
Added a lot of OnTrace calls

Last changed 2001-07-09