Luciano Bajo Eloy has created a native Delphi 2 component to display JPEG images based upon the free PasJPEG library. At first I only added a few methods and made it working with Delphi 1 and 3, however Luciano wasn't able to include them himself, so he kindly allowed me to release the new version in my name. With the second release I added the often-requested JPEG saving as well as a TDBJPEGImage - a functionality Delphi 3 with it's JPEG unit lacks, the TDBImage only allows BMP's.

Download TJPEGImage V1.3a (Zipped archive, 325kB)

History of TJPEGImage 1997-10-19
1.2 changed file reading to stream reading
made compatible with Delphi 1
1998-05-071.3 JPEG coding included
create database aware component
2001-08-231.3a Compatibility to Delphi 5 and 6

Last changed 2001-08-23