These are two components which use the ICMP protocol, used for create the standard internet debug applications ping and traceroute. However Microsoft did not document the way these application can be implemented under Windows - the Winsock only offers the needed raw sockets in the NT version, and there only for administrators. The ICMP.DLL can be used instead, but as it's not a documented DLL it can change with every Windows version, so don't be sure about the components working in all occurances.

Download TICMP 0.3 (Zipped archive, 25kB)

Bugs of V0.3

History of the icmp components
1997-04-200.1 first published version, only for ICMP.DLL, TPing and TTraceRoute
1997-07-020.2 added support for winsock ICMP calls (TPing only yet)
removed the NumberOfPackets property for TPing - must be done with multiple call of action (to make the winsock call more consistently and asynchronous)
1997-09-100.3 problem with D3 and packages fixed, could cause runtime errors or access violations
Windows couldn't reboot while one of these component is running - fixed
added new demo application ip_trace (need TStringAlignGrid)

Last changed 2001-07-09