This was the first component I wrote, and it's somehow still my favourite one. Originally it was a descendant of TStringGrid with the possibility to change the alignment of the text to left (same as StringGrid) or right aligned or centered, but with newer versions many more features appeared but the name stayed (as there is already a TSuperGrid I've to stick to the name...)

It now allows to set a alignment for each cell, single columns and/or row (separate for the normal and the fixed ones); and the same for the background color and the font. Additional to that it offers to set the hint not only globally for the grid but for each cell alone, e.g. to explain acronyms.

Download TStringAlignGrid (Zipped archive, 100kB)

Bugs of V2.1

Bugs of V2.0

History of TStringAlignGrid
1995-12 only a global alignment of the text in the cells
1995-12-171.0 first published version, alignment for cells, columns or global
1996-07-031.1 added reset methods to set the alignment back to the default value
1996-12-141.2 rewrote the saving of data to the internal lists to make this usable for saving other data
added individual hints for each cell
1997-021.3 internally only; added fonts the same way as the alignments
rewrote the Application.OnXXX handling for more flexibility
1997-03-071.4 added alignments and fonts for rows
created a component editor to set the alignments, hints and cells at design time and all the stuff needed to save this to the DFM files
1997-05-221.5 corrected bug with D2 and hints
corrected bug in component editor: the caption for left and right alignment were mixed up
corrected strange behaviour of component editor: now cells which will become fixed are shown as fixed, but allow edit
font colors now set back to clHighlightText when selected
added background colors the same way as the alignments
added font and color support in the component editor
added InPlaceEditor which also uses the special properties of the respective cell
added utility functions like RemoveRow
RowMoving and ColMoving now supported correctly
1997-09-101.6 editor functions and events, read only cells
import and export methods
brushs instead of colors used internally
multi lined text support
selected cell colors
1997-12-071.7 sorting
import and export to the clipboard
enhanced the next editable cell functions
2000-02-122.0 redesigned internal storage of the array properties for more flexibility
cut and paste
cell sizing events and methods
more wordwrap options
online help
compatibility to Delphi 5 and restored full compatibility with Delphi 1
2001-07-092.1 Delphi 6 compatibility

Last changed 2002-09-25